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• 8/21/2017

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• 8/15/2015

Does anybody have knowledge or experience of this type

A contact experience with a five foot round ball of black sparkling energy which was as intelligent as me , able to share the same space as my body and was able to communicate telepathically and share thoughts. There was no malicious intent. or harm intended by it and it spent a week sharing my life and experiences.Anybody know what this might be or where from?.
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• 7/5/2014

Renaming the Wiki

Anubis, it seems they have upgraded some stuff here, and archived some message and forums content perhaps in relation with that, so I'm making a new thread here of your topic.
Anyway, I can try and think of ideas for a new name, but don't have any specific ones so far. But I'm wondering if you want a new name to sort of define the wiki in the same way as the existing name, or whether you are thinking of perhaps changing the focus of the wiki a bit.
Optimistoptimist (talk) 13:05, July 5, 2014 (UTC)
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• 2/12/2014

Message from a Wikia contributor

hello people that still have enough balls to stick to what works check into the car accident it was the works of them to cover up them .they are here
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• 1/18/2014

Energy Beings could this explain Shadow beings witnessed by humans over and over I am paranormal researcher John Richard Foy and see list of them as Alien energy beings are a reality made of energy no

Energy Beings are also known as ASTRAL BEINGS . I am researching this as a reality the aliens can travel in space easily have for years because they are not made of matter .
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