American Ghost Society
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Membership Type: Public
Established: 1995
Founders: Troy & Amy Taylor
Status: Active
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The American Ghost Society is a national network of ghost hunters and psychical researchers who conduct investigations into the paranormal in a non-metaphysical manner. One of their main goals is to seek out allegedly haunted locations and to assist those who are experiencing problems with the paranormal. The group members then look for authentic evidence of the paranormal and try to determine if the location is haunted. They seek out genuine evidence and are careful about the presentation of this evidence... insuring that it is legitimate, researched and analyzed before being presented to the general public. By combining history with ghost research, AGS offers a unique approach to psychical research that few (if any) groups can offer.


Formed in late 1995 by Troy Taylor and his wife Amy as the American Ghost Society of Central Illinois. The Organization expanded quickly and was reorganized as the American Ghost Society in 1996. By 1998 the Taylors moved their home and AGS headquarters to Alton, Illinois. The AGS has a network of area representatives who serve as points of contact for the public and media.


The AGS offers various types of memberships and charges for all of them.

  • Active Membership: For Active Participants in the group who remain in touch with the home office and are actively researching the paranormal.
  • Couple Membership
  • Investigator Membership
  • Delux Investigator Membership
  • Researcher Membership
  • Group Affiliation Membership: For other paranormal research organizations to become members of the AGS.