Area 51 is a military base in the Nevada desert, that was officially confirmed on 25 June 2013,[1] but was initially revealed by Bob Lazar in late 1989. Lazar has stated, in numerous interviews, that the US government had aquired extraterrestrial craft and its occupants, and were studying them at a secret site at Groom Lake.

Groom LakeEdit

"...Area 51. It is our most secret complex. There are 1900 people there -- it takes presidential clearance to work there -- and they're ferried in by aircraft in the morning and taken out about 5 o'clock in the evening. They have nothing to do with the saucers. The people who work on the saucers go up later in the afternoon, and go home about midnight. The saucer facility is called S-4.' S-4 is in the southwest corner of Area 51."[2]


As early as 1989, Bob Lazar went public with the site name S-4, near Area 51, as the facility that housed and studied nine UFO craft. Since his studies were compartmentalized, he was not involved in the studies of the crafts’ occupants, but did take part in 2 to 3 page briefing notes from other study teams.[3]

Groom WarsEdit

Also: The Dulce Wars of 1979

Skirmishes between alien occupants and humans are said to have happened as early as 1973. In a Branton file, Robert Lazar is attributed to have said that: an underground facility below Groom Lake was the sight of an intense fire-fight between Grays and U.S. Military personnel after a human Security officer had challenged an alien dictate not to enter a certain alien-controlled area with a loaded weapon, and was subsequently killed as a result of his challenge.[2]

Michael Wolf is attributed to have said that: an outbreak of violence in 1975 resulted during a demonstration of an anti-matter reactor within an underground chamber. The Greys operating the demonstration ordered the human security officers to remove the bullets from their weapons. One Security officer questioned this order and just for having the audacity to question, one of the Greys apparently... [made] an 'example' out of those who questioned their orders, and its comrades followed suit. The Greys commenced to slaughter SEVERAL dozen Security personnel and Scientists, although only one alien Grey died in that initial altercation.[2]


The following is a list of alleged names who worked at Groom Lake and had some involvement with extraterrestrial matter/technology.

  • Bill Uhouse, engineer
  • Daniel Benjamin Crain, Captain, Naval intelligence[4]
  • Michael Wolf Kruvante, intelligence[5]
  • Paul A. Utz, civilian class optical engineer[6]
  • Paul McGovern
  • Robert S. Lazar, chemist
  • Thomas Hamilton, senior officer[6]
  • Thomas Mack


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