The Draconians, or The Draco, is a moniker used by human personnel who work under strict governing laws set forth by the white Reptilians at US black sites. The expressions are more or less a title and not a species or race. These terms appeared as early as Branton’s interview with Thomas Castello,[1] pub. 1996.[2]


The term “Draconian” means excessively harsh and severe laws—or their application. It derives from the Athenian lawmaker Draco, who was known for making harsh laws. “The Dracos” or “Draconians” are how human personnel refer to the white Reptilians at Dulce Base. The White Reptilians are the leaders who have established very strict laws at Dulce and which are thoroughly enforced.[1] The White Reptilian leaders assumingely tolerate such expressions by the humans—since draco in Latin, means “dragon”. Ciakars, an ancient white winged reptilian, were dragonesque—thus there may be an affinity for things dragon amongst the Reptilians.

The actual titles for these leader types are unknown and unpronounceable. Lacerta never uses the term Draco or Draconian in neither of her known interviews (1999, 2000). Such titles have been misapplied to the Draco constellation, in the assumption of there being a connection—that perhaps they originated from a Draco star system.[fn 1] However, according to the separate interviews of Castello and Lacerta in the 1990s, the Reptilians are native to Earth and consider themselves more or less as Terrans.[3] The Castello interview says that humans are even seen as “squaters”.[1]


The white Reptilians are described as “a very large group, I say large, they were 6-8 maybe sometimes 9 feet tall and they were humanoid, but they were very pale, very white, didn’t have any hair on their bodies at all.”—Robert Dean. Robert Dean‘s description of these reptilians had been missaplied to “Tall Greys”.[4] But it should be noted that some reports of the Greys bare reptoid features,[fn 2] which may have allotted to some confusion as to whose who. The tall white Reptilians act as masters. In their servitude are the smaller Greys.


  1. The claims that the Reptilians are from Alpha Draconis, or Thuban, is idealy—misinformation. The Great Pyramid connection to Thuban is of interest, but may be more esoteric in nature.
  2. The Greys may even be a species of Reptilian. There are numerous reports of their having reptoid features; from snake-like skin to lizard-like skin absorption.


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