The Ghost Club
Membership Type: Public
Established: 1862
Founders: Alaric Alfred Watts
Status: Active
Location: London, England
Chairman: Kathy Gearing (as of 2008)
Site Link:

The Ghost Club is a London-based organization devoted to psychial research and investigations of paranormal phenomena including but not limited to, ghosts, apparitions, mediumship, hauntings and poltergiest. It is the oldest paranormal research organization in the world.


Membership of the Ghost Club normally runs from 31st October to 31st October, although they do accept members at any time of the year. The current annual membership fees are: $25 for a single person, $37.50 for a couple, $15 for an overseas single person or an overseas couple at the same address. Now payable by PayPal in many different currencies. (If you join between November and end of May, a full year's membership fee is payable up to 31st October in that year. For people who join after 1st June, their first year's membership will run to 31st October the following year, i.e. for up to seventeen months.)

As a member, you will receive four newsletters a year and access to Club events, such as lectures, meetings and investigations and entry to the Members Area of their website.

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