Haunted House
Hull House

Hull House (2006)

Hull House
Haunting Type: Class A
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Property Type: House, Public
Status: Unconfirmed

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Hull House is one of the most infamous haunted sites in the United States. Located in Chicago, Illinios, the large house still remains among the fascinating sites on many of Chicago's "Haunted Tours". It was built in 1856 by Charles J. Hull and later turned into a home for battered women by Jane Adams in 1889.

The Haunting of Hull HouseEdit

Over the years, numerous stories of ghosts and hauntings have surrounded Hull House, making it a stop on many of the "ghosts in Chicago" tours. Charles Hull's wife had died in her bedroom, which was later used by Addams after the establishment of Hull House. Addams did not believe in ghosts, but noted that many believed the building to be haunted, in her book Twenty Years at Hull House.

In 1913, another Hull House ghost story began circulating. According to this legend, after a man claimed that he would rather have the Devil in his house than a picture of The Virgin Mary, his child was born with pointed ears, horns, scale-covered skin and a tail. The mother was said to have taken the baby to Hull House, where Addams was said to have attempted to have it baptized and wound up locking it in the attic. While initially annoyed about the story, which had no basis in fact, Addams used the episode as a basis for her book, The Long Road of Woman's Memory. Many erroneous stories have circulated about the house, including stories that it was built on grounds cursed by Native Americans and that the devil baby was buried in the garden adjacent to the house (in reality, there was a building on the spot where the garden now stands at the time of the Devil Baby story). To this very day many people have come forward and said that they can see the face of the Devil baby looking out of the up stairs attic window where it was allegedly locked in by Adams.