An Interstellar War is a conflict in which two or more combatants are from different star systems in the same galaxy. The subject usually is used in a wide variety of Science Fiction novels, stories and films.

Intergalactic War Is a war fought between different galaxies.

Interplanetary War Is a war fought between two planets in the same solar system.

Possibilites of Interstellar WarEdit

Though it's still not viewed as probable by most in the scientific community, some scientist and formemer U.S. military have come forward saying that the closer mankind gets to intering space, the closer the probability that we will get into a conflict with another civilization. Other argue than an Alien Invasion of Earth is more probable since the UFO coverups by more than one government has been going on for over sixty years.

Insterstellar War in FictionEdit

Such wars and conflicts have appeared many times in various works of fiction. Most notable are listed below