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Naacals are the people and civilization of the lost continent of Mu. Naacal is also the name of their language.

Civilization of MuEdit

First mentioned in the works of Augustus Le Plongeon, the origins of the Naacal were expanded upon in James Churchward's 1926 book, The Lost Continent of Mu, Motherland of Man. Churchward postulated that the Naacal civilization flourished with as many as 64 million people, about 50,000 years ago. They were technologically advanced and the point of origin for many of the ancient civilizations of India, Babylon, Persia, Egypt and the Mayas.


James Churchward served with the British Army for thirty years. He claimed that, while posted in India, he befriended a priest ('Rishi'), who revealed to him ancient tablets written in an otherwise unknown language called Naacal. The Rishi taught Churchward how to read Naacal which described the land of Mu (Lemuria to Theosophists). Churchward also claimed that he was able to discern writing from Mu on a mysterious set of tablets discovered in Mexico by an explorer named William Niven.[1]


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