Philip Schneider claimed to be a structural engineer who worked on several underground installations, including Dulce Base. Schneider advocated awareness of the Dulce Base and claimed to have been one of the escapees of the 1979 Dulce Wars. He died a week after Karla Turner’s death, both under mysterious circumstances, in January 1996.

Dulce BaseEdit

Philip Schneider alleged that a scar on his chest was from a radiation-weapon blast that occured during his escape from Dulce Base in 1979. Some have confirmed that a large scar did indeed exist.[1] He believed that his cancer was caused from exposure to what he called “cobalt radiation”.[2]


"My father, Otto Oscar Schneider, fought on both sides of the war. He was originally a U-boat captain, and was captured and repatriated in the United States... He invented a high-speed camera that took pictures of the first atomic tests at Bikini Island on July 12, 1946. I have original photographs of that test, and the photos also show UFOs fleeing the bomb site at a high rate of speed. Bikini Island at the time was infested with them, especially under the water, and the natives had problems with their animals being mutilated..."[2]


Philip Schneider died on January 17, 1996. Schneider had often made public that he was marked for death. "If I ever 'commit suicide'," Schneider told a close friend, "I'll have been murdered." Schneider gave his last lecture in Denver, Colorado, two months before his alleged murder.[1]

Schneider’s death was considered to be caused by a heart attack, but later analysis showed impressions around his neck-the width of a catheter tube, that suggested his death was motivated by strangulation. His surviving wife has stated that US intelligence operatives had thoroughly searched their home shortly after his death and made off with at least a third of the family photographs.[1]


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