The Term Secret Government Is normally used to describe different types of powerful sects that are spoken of in Conspiracy Theories but also among many in the everyday world. There are three main types of Secret Governments

  • Underground Government: This type is usualy kept from the public eye and even from those in high political positions. These types are formed usually due to national security issues.
  • Shadow Government: A shadow government is a secret government within the government. This secret government is the "real" government that controls the known government's basic course. The members' identities and meeting-halls of the secret shadow government are known by only a select few. The highest ranking members are said to be Reptilian aliens who are the ones pulling all the strings, but from behind the curtain.

Alleged Secret GovernmentsEdit

below are a list of alleged secret governments.

  • New World Order- Said to be causing the downfall of mankind, also involving aliens.
  • The Syndicate.
  • Various chapters of the Illuminati.
  • The Ashtar command- An alleged interstellar republic.

Connections to Aliens and Other PhenomenonEdit

Secret Governments are said to be responsible for the coverups of the UFO and Alien presence on Earth. Many eye witnesses have come forward and described Men In Black who threaten them, also a strong military presence is also usually noted. Stories of these governments has also linked them to Secret Societies like the Freemasons, Illuminati and The Dominion.

In FictionEdit

The concept is popular in many books, movies, and other productions that focus on or use as thematic elements conspiracy theories and/or science fiction. The secret government is often portrayed as corrupt and having connections to the CIA, Illuminati, and Freemasons. It usually knows about and handles weird situations that are kept secret, such as the New World Order, the Apocalypse, aliens, the Antichrist, demons, human body- or soul harvesting, missing persons, experiments on people, etc. The shadow government is often funded by money that has been purposely "misplaced" within the government's system, or concealed behind government-contract projects that are false fronts for other undertakings.

One of the most popular manifestations of the Shadow Government is Majestic 12. Often stories of this group are tied in with the Roswell incident of 1947.