Space Brothers

Space Brothers (also Space People) were beings who contacted various people, on record, since 1952.

American contacteesEdit

“Their very appearance in our skies in friendship carries the cosmic message of brotherhood.” — George Adamski

Those who claimed to have had face-to-face encounters with flying saucer crewmembers and (usually) rides in their saucers, beginning in 1952, started with George Adamski. Those inspired by him included Truman Bethurum, Daniel Fry, Orfeo Angelucci, George King, George Van Tassel, Buck Nelson, Howard Menger and many more, throughout the decade of the 1950s. The Ashtar Galactic Command, Ruth Norman, Billy Meier and Raël espouse similar claims today.

Get Acquainted ProgramEdit

Around the same time that George Adamski was openly establishing, on the advice of his space contacts, the international Get Acquainted Program (GAP) to foster greater understanding and friendship between people worldwide who were interested in the UFO phenomenon, the Space Brothers themselves were setting up similar efforts, albeit less publicly, in many countries around the world.[1]

A large-scale and inspiring example of this has recently come to light in Italy where a considerable number of Space People, who were living and working in underground bases, had regular contact with dozens, if not hundreds of Italians. According to the recent documentary Il Caso Amicizia (‘The Friendship Case’), similar projects were going on in other European countries and in Siberia, South America and Australia at the same time.[1]


Space Brothers are usually distinguished from other commonly referenced extra terrestrials such as The Greys and Reptilians, by being human in appearance, by their wisdom, and by their apparently benevolent purpose. They are usually depicted as Pleiadeans aliens (the third major type of aliens reported by contactees besides Greys or Reptilians). They usually claim to be contacting humans to convey a message of peace, environmental responsibility, or to tout an alternative (often anti-materialistic) philosophy. They have been described as a mixture of pop-culture-rationale and wishful thinking.

As generally described, the Space Brothers look completely human. They are reported to be various heights. They generally have light shades of hair and light-colored eyes, and act as if in the peak of health.

They either claim to be able to speak all earth's languages, or communicate only via telepathy and don't use spoken languages of any kind. They generally claim to be from utopian societies where there is no war, crime, violence of any kind, disease, poverty, or hunger. They generally claim to be extremely and conventionally religious in outlook, and to guide their lives successfully by simplistic and naive spiritual "rules". They also usually claim that in their culture there is no distinction between science and religion. They generally claim to have lifespans of roughly a thousand years, and to remain at vigorous "middle age" for almost that entire span. They are generally described as eating only fruits and vegetables, and drinking only fruit juice or "nectar." They generally wear one-piece garments like jump suits, with no visible equipment or insignia. Female space brothers are conventionally described as incredibly beautiful and voluptuous, but males are also described as facially resembling very beautiful terrestrial women.

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